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Heatmiser Netmonitor Plus – Internet & SMS Remote Control – NETMONITOR+


The New Heatmiser Netmonitor+ V3 allows you to take control of your home heating over the internet from any web browser and by (SMS) text message. Plug the Netmonitor into your router and take complete control.

• Allows you to program the desired comfort levels for each room in your house from any internet browser worldwide (max. 32 rooms)
• Control your heating and hot water by text message
• Connect up to 6 of our Industrial Sensors for monitoring and alarm purposes
• Program low and high temperature limits and receive notification on email
• Connect up to 6 volt free alarms such as your home alarm and receive alarm indications on email
• Control up to 6 appliances remotely via web browser
• Product Code - NETMONITOR+

What's new in V3?
Home/Away Function: Clicking the Away button will now place every room into setback mode and will turn the hot-water off. On your return, you can press Home and the system will revert back to the programmed settings. This function is also compatible with the Touchpad - so you can place the system in Home or Away mode from either device.
Groups: You can now create up to 5 groups. Once created, you can add rooms to those groups. For example, you could create a group called "Bedrooms" and then add every bedroom to that group. Groups are used during programming, and greatly help to reduce the programming time.
Live View Frame: To the right of the Netmonitor window is a Live View providing a quick method of viewing the status of any room in your home.
Temperature Hold: You can now program to hold a required temperature for a certain period. You can then apply this to individual rooms or a group.
Keylock: You can now lock or unlock individual or a group of rooms.
Easier Setup Procedure: We have simplified the procedure of adding and naming thermostats.
SMS Commands:
 - Enable Home and Away Mode (v3 Only)
 - Turn On/Off Appliance 1-6
 - Turn On/Off Hot water
 - Set Temp on Stat 1-32
 - Set Temp on All Stats
 - Set Stat 1-32 into Frost Mode
 - Set All Stats in Frost Mode
 - Request current Status from Stat
 - Request Output Status
 - Request Input Status

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