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Watts Actuator 22C


Watts Electrothermic Actuators, series 22C, are ON/OFF devices used for automatic actuation of each of the valves. When mounting the actuator on the valve body, the valve plug shuts off the flow of fluid (normally closed version/ NC). When voltage is applied, a linear movement of the thermostatic element causes the valve plug to open, which then allows the fluid to flow. When the voltage is removed, the valve plug is closed again.

• Automatic actuation of each of the valves
• Individually control indoor temperatures

22C series available in the following versions:
- NA (Normally open)
- NC (Normally closed)
- 2-wire (Standard)
- 4-wire (With auxiliary contact)
- New compact design.

Availability to check status of actuator by transparent window on the cover.

CE Marked in accordance with the following standards :
- EEC EMC (CEI-EN 55104/95 ; CEI-EN 55014/93)
- EN 60730-1; EN 60730-2-14
- Approval ENEC pending

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