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Is it really worth it?


So I’d taken the decision a few years back to rip up the carpets and throw down a wooden floor. Like most people in the UK I spent most weekends in B&Q buying the bits and the flooring on offer and linking the pieces together, a project I was proud of and we’ve never looked back…. until winter.

Wooden flooring has it’s benefits but my god it gets cold in winter! We decided to look at fitting water underfloor heating under the flooring and before looking expected the costs to be sky high! Turns out it is affordable and simple to install if you know what you are doing, if not you can use a local plumber who will find it a walk in the park connecting the system up to the main supply.

We should buy everyone who visits slippers in an attempt to warm their feet!

I recall my wife at Christmas whilst out shopping suggesting we buy everyone slippers for when they come round to visit. This was the turning point for me. I search high and low online and found HotFloors, a simple and easy experience talking to Lesley who guided me to the right kit I needed for my home. We decided to go for the multi zone kit and extend the heating into the kitchen where we are now living in a slipper free home.

I would highly recommend HotFloors, they know what they are doing and with a large UK based warehouse for underfloor heating it made sense to shop with them. They even provided free next day delivery!

Richard Livingston – Cheshire