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The real difference


I’ve been trying to get my head round how easy water underfloor heating is to install and I started searching for videos, tips and tricks on the internet. Like everything there is buckets full of the information of what to do and what not to do!

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My initial worry was, what if the information online was going to put me and my home in danger? Could water underfloor heating be that difficult to install and what exactly could go wrong!

I called Lesley at HotFloors underfloor heating and she advised for a novice it was best to get a plumber involved. She made some suggestions of reccomended plumbers in my area and I got some different quotes; all of which were less than I was expecting. I purchased my kit online at HotFloors and it arrived the next day well packaged and the plumber arrived shortly after.

The laminate flooring came up and work began….. A few days later and without socks, I have a fantastic water underfloor heated kitchen. My dog loves it and no longer wanders upstairs at night and the family think it’s an adventure playground.

Thanks HotFloors.

Jonathan Stephens – Norwich