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Heatmiser PRT TS (Touchscreen Thermostat) – Slimline-TS


A best quality Heatmiser PRT-TS is 230v Touchscreen, programmable room thermostat, ideal for conventional or combi-boiler systems. This thermostat can be used to replace a mechanical thermostat providing you have at least three wires at your existing thermostat. Only 17mm after installation No need for a user manual, the touchscreen display guides you through the operation.

• Blue back-lit Touchscreen
• Weekday/Weekend or 7 Day Programming (Selectable in Software)
• Holiday Function
• Hold Function
• Automatic blue back-light (Turns off after 30 seconds)
• Flush mounting
• °C / °F Selectable
• Key Locking Facility
• Frost protection with adjustable temperature setting.
• Easily increase or decrease the required temperature
• Supply: 110V / 230v
• Outputs: Volt free 3A Max
• Dimensions: 110x100x17mm
• Product Code - PRT-TS

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