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Pipe Decoiler


A pipe decoiler facilitates fitter's work while fixing floor heating pipes to an insulating layer. A pipe coil is placed on a decoiler allowing automatic pipe uncoiling while subsequent pipe sections are laid. A pipe decoiler saves problems when laying water underfloor heating pipe. The coil of pipe fits on the decoiler and then you simply pull the pipe off as you install it and it unwinds neatly.

- Made from a tough and durable steel frame
- Adjustable arms can hold all types of underfloor heating pipe
- Coils up to 500m (58kg)
- Handling coils larger than 100m
- Holds coils up to 500m

• Reduces the risk of pipe kinking
• Can be assembly or disassembled in just a few minutes
• Quick and simple dispensing of pipe
• Suitable for all types of underfloor heating pipe
• Fit easily into a small van

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