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Aluminium Triple Spreader Plate


Aluminium Triple Spreader Plate perfect installing underfloor heating on joisted floating floors that allow for tighter pipe spacing to produce greater heat output, ideal for higher heat loss areas. The underfloor heating pipe clips neatly into the curved channels allowing your floor covering to sit flush on top with the spreader plate then deflecting the heat upwards into the room.

(1000mm x 390mm) with grooves 120mm apart to enable a homogenous heat transmission. Ideal for systems with low flow temperatures such as ground source heat pumps.

- Ensures an even spread of heat across the total floor area
- Ideal for higher heat loss areas
- Perfect for floating floor installations using a ground/air source heat pump
- Channels are set 120mm apart and are suitable for pipe sizes 15-16mm

- 1000mm long x 390mm wide x 1mm thick
- Depth of groove 18mm
- Grooves 120mm apart
- Coverage: 2.5 Plates / 1.0m²
- Fixed to wood joists at 400mm centres
- Pipe held in place in grooves at 120mm centres

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