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Digital Dial Thermostat – DS1-L


A best quality Digital Dial Thermostat is a central heating dial type thermostat incorporating an LCD. In normal operation, the actual room temperature is displayed on the LCD, rotating the dial will display the set temperature for 5 seconds.

- Range: 05-35°C
- Supply: 230v
- Outputs: Volt free 3A Max
- Dimensions: 92mm x 92mm x 34mm (Height, Width, Depth
- Product Code - DS1-L

• LCD shows actual & set temperatures and heat on indication
• Lock facility
• Modern appearance
• Easily increase or decrease the required temperature
• Variable switching differential

Important note: This thermostat is an electronic dial thermostat, offering greater control when compared with standard bi-metallic thermostats. This thermostat does need at least 3 wires to operate (Live, Neutral and Switch wire) Please check your wiring and the manual download to ensure your system is compatible.

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