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HotFloors  /  Edge Insulation 8mm x 150mm x 50m  /  Accessories  /  Edge Insulation 8mm x 150mm x 50m

Edge Insulation 8mm x 150mm x 50m


Edge Insulation is to be used around the edge of the room to comply with Building Regulations and in order to minimise unwanted heat loss and allow for expansion. Edge insulation can be laid against all walls which stops the screed bridging the gap between the edge of the wall and the floor insulation.

• Any surplus insulation showing above the top of the finished floor screed is easily trimmed once the screed has cured
• KIWA/KOMO approved (Certificate numbers K14341, 14342 and 14343)
• WRAS approved
• Manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9002 (BSI registered firm Certificate FM00318)
• Edge insulation strips permit the free expansion of the floor screed
• Needs to be installed around all surrounding walls and fixed constructions such as columns, steps and access doorways

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